The main objective of the survey is to study the reviews of the customers and how they feel about the giant pharma company, “Walgreens”, and their experiences with the store. The points given below would help you understand the importance and objective of sweepstakes survey. Many other relevant ideas are also included.

What are the benefits of

The sweepstake survey is conducted by WalgreensBenefits to get an insight into how their customers think and react. The survey also gives data regarding customer satisfaction and grounds of improvement.

  1. Ask the customers for ratings for both products and service. Based on the ratings, try improvising the quality and service.
  2. Loyalty would attract a huge number of customers.
  3. Interact more with customers to know their views and experience, which would help in improving.
  4. Work towards achieving a customer friendly store, so that the customers would feel welcome and at ease.
  5. Both employees and customers must interact with each other to enhance trust and friendliness.
  6. Improve the infrastructure of the store. Both inside and outside appearance makes a difference.
  7. Lure back old customers who have quit the store for some reason and satisfy their needs.

Walgreens is reaching the top spot rapidly and is America’s most loved pharmaceutical company.


Go through the following instructions and objectives of the survey. The customer can take up the survey which would help them convey their experience and scope of improvement. Read the details and take the survey after that.